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Individualized support and coaching for weight-inclusive practitioners in private practice.

Taking the leap into private practice will challenge clinicians to take risks despite the fear and uncertainty. For those who advocate a non-diet approach to health, they must be even more brave and vulnerable in creating a clear message that resonates with their ideal client. It takes being willing to face the possibility of rejection and criticism, and continuing to move forward anyway. By gaining clarity in my own personal and professional journey, I stopped second guessing myself and no longer allowed the need to attain perfection hold me back. It allowed me to fearlessly stand in my spotlight and help others who are struggling in a more fulfilling way than I ever imagined. By sharing my authentic voice and story, I watched my practice grow into a thriving, successful business.


My own experience through the intersection of the Health at every size paradigm and entrepreneurship is what has inspired me to create a program that helps other clinicians find confidence, grow, and succeed as weight-inclusive practitioners.


Confidence and Worthiness - Cultivate confidence in yourself and embrace your true worth so you can fearlessly go against mainstream diet culture. Having confidence in your message empowers you to make deeper connections and take your clients even further on their journey.


Self-Awareness and Personal Growth - Perspective is everything in entrepreneurship, and in working together, you will learn how to overcome struggles by building self-awareness of what might be keeping you stuck from moving forward with clients. You will learn how to confidently share your own experiences in an authentic and appropriate way that will create more client opportunities.

Finding Peace in Imperfection - No one is perfect, and as a health professional, you aren’t an exception. I am passionate about removing the shame or stigma of practitioners who have experienced their own journey toward a peaceful relationship with food and their body. Your journey has provided you with a bounty of knowledge and insight that is uniquely yours and can be the inspiration for your message.



Embark on a journey together to dive in depth into the following:


Educate + Self-evaluation

  • Evaluate yourself first and where you struggle the most

  • Become well versed in IE/HAES

Client Work

  • How to leverage discovery calls to find your ideal client

  • Evaluate your client

  • Structuring sessions with clients

  • Having difficult conversations with clients

Intuitive Eating and Entrepreneurship

  • Learn how to sit with the uncertainty and discomfort of private practice or clients going from diet mentality to intuitive eating

  • Overcome fears of not selling weight loss

  • Find your brand voice and be consistent in your message

Continuing Self-Care

  • This work is hard and can be emotionally draining, which requires intentional support from others and self care.

  • Allow it to come full circle: when you take care of yourself first, you take better care of your client.



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