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Individualized support and mentorship for weight-inclusive practitioners

clinical supervision: a space for personal and professional development where we can reflect, share, learn, and become more confident clinicians.


My own experience navigating the intersection of weight-inclusive nutrition therapy & building a successful, sustainable business is what has inspired me to support other clinicians in becoming more confident & skilled practitioners.

Building Resilience
- Resilience is created from continuing to move forward in alignment with your values, despite challenging or difficult situations. Cultivate confidence and find your voice so you can fiercely go against mainstream diet culture, make deeper connections, and support your clients through deeper healing.


Self-Reflection for Personal Growth - Learn how to overcome struggles by becoming curious and reflecting on what might be keeping you from moving forward personally, professionally, and in your clinical practice.

Finding Peace in Imperfection - No one is perfect, not even the practitioner. I am passionate about removing the shame and stigma practitioners often carry from their own lived experience with food and body image. We are all humans with our own process. Healing provides a bounty of knowledge and insight that is uniquely yours, which can be the inspiration for your message.



through supportive collaboration, we dive into the following:


Self-Reflection & Personal Development

  • Become curious and discuss what comes up within YOU as the practitioner when supporting your clients

  • Become well versed in Health At Every Size and the Non-Diet Approach

  • Overcome fears of going against the traditional, weight-centric model

  • Learn how to approach HAES conversations with other providers

Case Consultation & Counseling Skills

  • Support for thorough clinical evaluation and creating framework of care

  • Develop effective interventions for weight-inclusive nutrition therapy

  • Gain confidence in motivational interviewing and client-centered sessions

  • Support clients through body image struggles

Non-Diet Approach & Entrepreneurship

  • Learn how to sit with the uncertainty of private practice, discomfort of difficult conversations, and create an inclusive practice

  • Find your brand voice and be consistent in your message

  • Review of research, ethical practice, and business related questions

Self-Care & Boundaries

  • This is a place to be heard, share perceived failures, and emotionally draining situations

  • Establish boundaries for yourself, your clients, and your business

  • Learn to fill your cup first



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