Sometimes In Intuitive Eating, To Honor One Principle, We Have To Override Another

The HAES Acronym is not 'Healthy' At Every Size, rather Health At Every Size..png

I recently heard @gofeedyourself_ say this on @laurathomasphd’s Don’t Salt My Game Podcast: “Sometimes in Intuitive Eating, to honor one principle, we have to override another.”

I loved this so much because it reminds us that Intuitive Eating should never be used in a black or white or rigid way. It is simply a tool used to connect you to your body that is applied in a flexible way. There are times that in order to honor gentle nutrition, you are going to have to override honoring your hunger or fullness, because there are many reasons we might not have a hunger signal/appetite and still need to eat. Sometimes honoring your body overrides honoring your feelings without using food, and you eat past comfortable fullness solely for emotional reasons. In Lauren’s example of a chronic condition, such as diabetes, medication or insulin may be part of honoring your body and gentle nutrition. Using these appropriately may mean overriding other principles.

Intuitive Eating is a tool used to combine body knowledge and mind knowledge, and these are different for every BODY. Intuitive Eating is about cultivating and preserving a trusting relationship, a partnership with your body. If you see Intuitive Eating being used as a way to control, manipulate body size, or to encourage one body size over another…then it’s not Intuitive Eating.

Notes: Follow @evelyntribole for all the IE truth bombs, she’s amazing! If you are in eating disorder or diet recovery, or are struggling with your relationship with food, nutrition rehabilitation might be a necessary step prior to starting your Intuitive Eating practice. This can be done with the help of a non-diet or eating disorders dietitian and/or therapist.