Larger Bodies Are Equally As Important As Thinner Bodies

H U M A N S. All bodies belong to a human with feelings, emotions, and a set of unique needs. Size discrimination is very real and it has deep and lasting negative health consequences. Did you know that internalized weight stigma is far more detrimental to health than a person’s actual body size?

“Adults who face weight stigmatization and discrimination report consuming increased quantities of food, avoiding exercise, and postponing or avoiding medical care (for fear of experiencing stigmatization).”

One HAES myth I hear often is that we are ‘glorifying’ higher weight bodies (note: I do not use stigmatizing language on this page so you will usually see a different term being used here to imply that higher weight bodies are ‘with disease’). To better understand why this is harmful, we can use an analogy of height instead of body size. It would be analogous to assuming that all folks under 5’0” were unhealthy just because of how they look. This is super problematic for many reasons- one being that it would be absolutely terrible to continue receiving a lecture from a doctor that the only way to be ‘healthy’ was to grow above 5’5”. Not only physically impossible, but I imagine that would feel hopeless, shameful, and far from making me feel worthy of care.

A Health At Every Size practitioner understands that you are more than a body. We understand that you are a human with feelings, emotions, individual needs and circumstances. We are an inclusive and respectful community, and support people of all sizes in finding compassionate ways to take care of themselves. We support humans feeling safe and welcome in their own body.

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