Body Image Is Reflective of How We Treat Our Body

The HAES Acronym is not 'Healthy' At Every Size, rather Health At Every Size..png

Body image is reflective of how we treat our body, and the thoughts and feelings we have about our body. The problem with trying to ‘fix’ body image with dieting is that happiness and self-worth become contingent on weight or body size. Because it’s biologically impossible for your body to stay the same size forever, or for us to control weight like we think we can, your body will change and your happiness and self-worth will decline. It’s much more effective to learn the skill of acceptance. If love and acceptance are based on the fact that you are a human instead of what your body looks like, then no matter how your body changes, you can still feel good about who you are and understand that you are valuable.

To nurture a more positive body image, we must learn how to be curious, have compassion, and gain a deeper understanding of our body story. We must learn to treat our body with respect, speak kindly about ourselves, and remove unrealistic standards. When thinking about body image, think about a relationship. Relationships take work, they take intention, and attention. Relationships are most sustainable when they are built upon loyalty, trust, safety, and consistency. Another problem with trying to ‘fix’ body image with dieting is that restriction erodes these elements. How might you put these elements into practice? What might be getting in the way? What do you wish your body image reflected?