Life's Too Short To Eat Dry Sandwiches

The HAES Acronym is not 'Healthy' At Every Size, rather Health At Every Size..png

Repeat after me, “I give myself permission to enjoy fats free of guilt, including sauces, dressings, and spreads. I also give myself permission to appreciate body fat and not spend my entire life trying to rid myself of it.”

It’s time to make peace with both dietary fat and body fat! On the nutrition/health side of things, body fat is stored because it’s necessary for our body to function appropriately. Body fat is a form of protection for our organs, plays a role in hormone and temperature regulation, immune function, warmth, and (one of my favorites) makes up the myelin sheath that wraps around your nerve fibers, which enables efficient transmission of electrical signals- SO COOL.

Food is so much more enjoyable with fats, because fats give us flavor, satisfaction, and texture. Sandwiches are complete with a spread, salads are satisfying with dressing, chicken needs flavor, vegges and oil/butter were MFEO, pancakes without syrup can actually be a choking hazard (kinda joking, but mostly serious), and peanut butter or butter stirred into oats is the dreamiest experience. Satisfaction and enjoyment are an essential part of nourishing and creating connection to our body. When you begin to increase the satisfaction factor at meals, notice how obsessive food thoughts slowly become less intense and more infrequent.

A current cultural trend is to be as lean as possible so that all of your muscles are visible, and to each their own. However, I want to be clear that more muscle definition and less body fat does not improve health, and this trend is inherently fatphobic. It’s important to remember that many studies have found that higher BMIs actually have lower mortality rates (Flegal & Kalantar-Zadeh, 2013). “Most epidemiological studies find that people who are ‘overweight’ or moderately ‘obese’ live at least as long as normal weight people, and often longer” (Bacon & Aphramor, 2011). In fact, becoming too ‘lean’ is far more harmful to the body, which is why many women lose their menstrual cycle. Fat over muscle is healthy, there is nothing wrong with being squishy, and there is no way I’m eating dry pancakes...ever!