INSPIRD Nutrition guided me through one of the biggest and most important changes of my life - from obsessive, chronic dieter to intuitive eater. They listened with compassion when I back-tracked or felt that I failed, never passing judgment. I feel like having a professional through this process was imperative to my confidence and success. It was affirmed numerous times that moving from decades of disordered eating to intuitive eating is a lifelong process and that I will still have bad days. However, the tools that I have gained have given me the ability to work through challenging days as I continue to heal.
Haley has offered knowledge and hope to my entire family. The emotional support and nutritional expertise we receive has helped us make monumental strides in our efforts to understand the importance of healthy nutrition in our lives. The counseling we’ve received has expertly focused on how to battle disordered eating, and how to optimize nutrition during cancer treatments. The elements of understanding and compassion shared with us is an added bonus!
Haley is far more than a Registered Dietitian. She has intuition beyond her years and passion beyond her boundaries and she gives all of that, even more, when I see her for guidance. It’s difficult to find a professional that can effectively help an adult navigate and develop a comprehensive self-care plan for a life-long Eating Disorder, but Haley has succeeded in this monumental and life-changing task of mine. She’s far more than a Registered Dietitian, she’s an Empowerment Coach.
My time spent with Haley has been so beneficial to my food relationship and overall well-being. She has given me the tools to make healthy decisions at every meal, all coming from a place free of judgement and restrictions. She has taught me to respect my body, instead of micromanage it. I have enjoyed the engaging conversations on how to better fuel my body for running and physical activity, taking her advice to heart, helping me realize my athletic potential and speedier recovery. Most importantly, I have learned how to be the healthy example I want to be to my children – a true role model of a healthy relationship with food and wellness. The subjects we covered in our sessions are building blocks to a healthier, more fulfilling life, letting food nourish and enhance day to day experiences. The lessons learned have already make an impact on myself and my family in such a positive way, I cannot imagine the additional benefits that I will realize as I continue to apply my learnings with Haley. I am thankful to have met such a wonderful leader and teacher and would highly recommend spending time with her on your journey with nutrition.
I am so glad I found INSPIRD Nutrition. Haley is an excellent and inspiring dietitian. She didn’t tell me to count points or not to eat certain foods, but she taught me how to eat by creating a personalized plan just for me and my body type. She also helped me build a healthier relationship with food. Together we set daily, weekly, and monthly realistic goals. She provided knowledge and encouragement to help me on my journey to wellness. Most of all, she taught me to encourage myself too. INSPIRD Nutrition is an excellent place to go for help with your journey to better health and well-being. Haley’s bright smile is contagious. When I leave the office, I am so positive and ready to tackle the day and the days ahead!
I have had the best experience working with Haley. She has changed the way that I think about food, nutrition, and health! We do long distance coaching and I couldn’t be happier with the way things are working out. She is encouraging and easily accessible, and I love that we find “wins” with each session! We discuss small steps that are easy to incorporate, and I am finally listening to my body, figuring out what works for me, and how it makes me feel! This was exactly the change that I needed to make a healthy lifestyle change, without ever feeling like I am depriving myself or my family. She is truly amazing to work with and I couldn’t imagine being able to make this progress without her!
Haley is absolutely INCREDIBLE! I have used nutritionists in the past, and struggled to connect with them on a nutritional and personal level. Haley is, hands down, the best nutritionist I have ever worked with. Sessions with her always make me feel reassured, less anxious, and ready to face the challenges of nutrition. She is available at a moment’s notice and is very flexible. Her advice is practical and useful and she is always patient, kind, gentle, and an amazing listener. It is an amazing opportunity to work with her especially how she listens so intently allowing for my own emotions and experiences to shape present and future adjustments to our nutritional plan together. I knew Haley was the perfect fit for me when I walked into her office and saw a sign that hung on her office wall of “You are worthy. You are powerful.” Those words inspire me every time I work with her because of her strong belief in self-confidence and compassion. I cannot imagine my nutritional lifestyle without her!
I have been looking for someone who could help me learn what to eat to feel my best. Haley does exactly that. She understands the struggles people have with food, and she is so patient and kind! I am so thankful that I found INSPIRD Nutrition – Haley is amazing!
As a married couple with an infant, my wife and I knew things had to change because we want a long healthy life with our son. Years of overindulging lead us to an unhealthy relationship with food and Haley has been teaching us how to enjoy eating again. She has such a positive attitude and she is always pointing out our “wins” and how to deal with the road bumps that we’ve encountered along the way. This has been such a positive and enjoyable experience for both of us. She makes us feel like we can really do it, and the results are showing!
Haley provides outstanding nutritional advice, support and encouragement. I literally feel like she has given me my life back. After just three weeks of working together, I noticed more energy and mental clarity. And every week my energy and mental clarity increase. The chronic aches and pains I had attributed to age had all but disappeared after just two months of nourishing my body correctly.