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A professional collaboration for registered dietitians pursuing entrepreneurship.

Starting my own private practice was one of the most exciting times of my life, but also presented some of the biggest challenges. As empowering as it is to build a business, entrepreneurship often feels lonely and I found myself constantly seeking support. As my dream job slowly became my reality, I knew I wanted to give back to other nutrition entrepreneurs who were on a similar journey. That led to building this community, where we can work through the inevitable struggles, celebrate our achievements, and be empowered with the confidence to always continue moving forward.



Let's build your private practice together

Join the program and community that gives you the mentorship you need to take bold action and build your business.



Our interactive business coaching
program focuses on:

  • In-depth reading and audio material with step-by-step actions to start and run a private practice
  • Weekly live videos and discussions focused on thinking strategies and tactics to overcome business obstacles.
  • Individualized guidance and support on your specific business issues.
  • Learn how to make strategic business decisions, including branding and website essentials, marketing channels, and becoming an insurance provider.


Start building the practice you're meant to have.


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