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A professional collaboration for Weight-inclusive practitioners pursuing entrepreneurship

Starting my own private practice was one of the most exciting times of my life! As empowering as it is to build a business, entrepreneurship often feels lonely and I found myself constantly seeking support. As my dream job slowly became my reality, I knew I wanted to give back to other nutrition entrepreneurs who were on a similar journey. That led to building this community with WellSeek, where we can work through the inevitable struggles, celebrate our achievements, and be empowered with the confidence to always continue moving forward.



Let's build your private practice together

We help nutrition entrepreneurs build confidence and move forward as weight-inclusive practitioners and business owners.


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Build your practice with guidance and structure

  • Step through the INSPIRD to SEEK Guide, an online course with 24 reading & audio learning sessions to help you build your business foundation towards a thriving practice

  • Monthly CPE-eligible webinars and support focused on entrepreneurship and client counseling from a non-diet, weight-inclusive lens.

  • Starts at $39/month. Eligible for CPEs.



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All RDs, RDs-to-be, and allied health professionals interested in entrepreneurship are welcome.